To Block or not to Block

To block or not to block
Whether Tis more nobler to suffer the stings and errors of right wing extremist or to block and therefore put an end to all uncomfortable interactions with that sort.
But what is life but a mixture of discomfort and growth.
Should we nip the bud of discomfort in fear of a toxic plague. Therefore forfeiting a life for that of one of comfort and peace.
But what will come of this?
It is true that the self should come before all else. Self mental preservation is to our greatest benefit. But at what point and to which degree should we block and seclude a cell for discomfort at unexamined ideas. And if examined than at what point do we disregard the human capacity for growth and redemption for that of our own comfort. Weeds left alone breed more weeds but when tended to and watered they may yet yield fruit.
Are’t not all people allowed misgivings. But oh when to draw the line? When to withdraw the soul for fear of mental contamination. Would it be at the point of violence? At the point of personal offense or at the point of wide spread rumors. To this decision I advise your own self-identified dosage. Do as you are at peace and comfort for. But please I beg of you, remember we were all innocent once.

Published by MarielaRebelde

I am a person in between things wanting to document my words in this space.

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