Para mi tía feminista

Para mi tía feminista,

Me ensenaste que era mi vulva,
Reconociendo cada parte de mi cuerpo que me decían no podía nombrar en publico
No me dijiste de masturbar, pero me la presentaste,
Como ofrendas para los dioses y santos


My name is Mariela It is pronounced as ma-ri-e-la Not mary-ela, not ma-ri-la, not ela or marila Trust me it used to seem hard and unimportant to me as well I remember in 10th grade while my history teacher was taking attendance on the first day of class, he pronounced my name as ma-ri-e-la (correctly)Continue reading “Mariela”

Borrowed Words

Words, we’ve spent a life time using them, years learning them and our education mastering them and forgetting others. And often words become like tissue, veiled things we use to cover ourselves with, only to discard without a moment of reflection. Honored guests, peers, family members, professors, administration and trustees… I am about to speakContinue reading “Borrowed Words”

To Block or not to Block

To block or not to blockWhether Tis more nobler to suffer the stings and errors of right wing extremist or to block and therefore put an end to all uncomfortable interactions with that sort.But what is life but a mixture of discomfort and growth.Should we nip the bud of discomfort in fear of a toxicContinue reading “To Block or not to Block”

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