Exiled and Deplorable: Felons

What is the greatest social equalizer? Is it our income, the level of education we have received, the economic assets we hold, or the spaces and opportunities we are able to access? I say it is our legal status. Whichever one you may believe is the greatest equalizer across race, gender, age, and ability—we canContinue reading “Exiled and Deplorable: Felons”


My name is Mariela It is pronounced as ma-ri-e-la Not mary-ela, not ma-ri-la, not ela or marila Trust me it used to seem hard and unimportant to me as well I remember in 10th grade while my history teacher was taking attendance on the first day of class, he pronounced my name as ma-ri-e-la (correctly)Continue reading “Mariela”

Borrowed Words

Words, we’ve spent a life time using them, years learning them and our education mastering them and forgetting others. And often words become like tissue, veiled things we use to cover ourselves with, only to discard without a moment of reflection. Honored guests, peers, family members, professors, administration and trustees… I am about to speakContinue reading “Borrowed Words”

Previous Blog: Pursuing Peace in Uganda

On November 4th, 2017 I began my Peace Corps service in Uganda. At the start of my service I decided I wanted a space where I could document my experiences and have them visible for friends and family to read. However, I soon realized my experiences weren’t as flowery and easy to convey over aContinue reading “Previous Blog: Pursuing Peace in Uganda”