An Installment

We are numbers on a pageExceptNot everyone has the privilege of being countedWe are counted in installmentsWhen politically convenient and palpable We are not counted when our numbers challenge the party in powerWe are actively silencedPartitioned into Jerrys, our souls divided for their managingWe are allowed to vote only when it is profitable Yet theContinue reading “An Installment”

Endurance, Persistence, and Resilience!”

El Residente from Calle 13 is one of my favorite artists. To commemorate the UN International Day of Peace I translated, wrote & virtually performed this piece titled “Endurance, Persistence, and Resilience!” It is part translation and modern adaptation of Calle 13, El Aguante song. You can find a video of the recording here. MyContinue reading “Endurance, Persistence, and Resilience!””

Exiled and Deplorable: Felons

What is the greatest social equalizer? Is it our income, the level of education we have received, the economic assets we hold, or the spaces and opportunities we are able to access? I say it is our legal status. Whichever one you may believe is the greatest equalizer across race, gender, age, and ability—we canContinue reading “Exiled and Deplorable: Felons”